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MagicRay whole line inspection solution appeared on NEPCON China 2019

As the "best partner" who has participated in the 15th NEPCON exhibition, MagicRay will launch its annual new products at the exhibition every year, and without exception, MagicRay has brought the most complete whole line inspection solution which is refreshing many people this year.

MagicRay launched a latest product this year, 3D SPI. As the company's most powerful new product, 3D SPI is suitable for the detection of 3D solder paste after SMT printing. In terms of hardware, in addition to using high speed industrial camera to meet the needs of high output of the production line, it also use dual projection contributes to provide the 3D information of the solder paste. In terms of software, a variety of ways to determine the zero reference point can meet the inspection requirements of various colored PCB. And a complete SPC tools satisfied the requirement of data statistics and quality analysis of product line.

Because of its excellent detection function, MagicRay's 3D SPI was invited to participate in the "Intelligent DreamWorks" product exhibition line, together with many international brands to form a dream production line, in order to pursue more accurate detection and bring better service to customers.

Besides, MagicRay's 2D inline AOI, semiconductor packaging AOI and 3D AOI have attracted many customers to come to the scene. Our engineers explain the detection technology and advantages of every machine attentively, and share how to improve detection, reduce false calls to improve the efficiency of production line in the production process which let every customer on site can find the most suitable MagicRay's products for their company's production line.

MagicRay will continuously enhance product advantages, improve product functions, ensure product quality to bring more high-quality and powerful visual inspection equipment to our customers. Also provide more reasonable and effective visual inspection scheme to realize zero-defect production line, and realize production line automation with minimum false call and no missing call.