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【2019 MagicRay Lecture Tour】SbSTC·Chongqing
On February 27th, MagicRay participated in Chongqing Symposium of SbSTC. In this symposium, MagicRay engineer Ou Junyu introduced the professional visual inspection solutions of MagicRay from three aspects: the intelligent factory production line plan, the production quality improvement and the specific solutions for the AOI industry difficulties.

First, MagicRay engineer introduced the technical innovations to the current AOI industry diffucuities. At present, these main difficulties in the industry were: high false fall and difficult to detect poor soldering. The main reason of high false call was inaccurate positioning. MagicRay technology of solder pad position can solve this problem, and the MagicRay special analysis algorithms could detect poor soldering effectively with the position technology. Besides, the production line could achieve the zero defect through the production line automatic warning function.

Meanwhile, MagicRay showed a series of cases to prove the improvement of production line by MagicRay AOI. And MagicRay AOI could save workshop  space and the numbers of workers. The more important is that MagicRay could warn of defective batch production to prevent batch accidents. Also, MagicRay applied the equipment Modularization to the production line to realize the three points technology, improving the production line quality.

MagicRay will continuously improve product advantages, perfect product functions, ensure product quality, bring the better and more powerful visual inspection equipment to customers, provide more effective visual inspection solutions, and achieve zero-defect production line, make automate production line with minimum false call and no missing call.