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[Achieve The Dream, Reach The Peak]Successful Dongguan MagicRay Opening Appreciation Banquet
On January 19, 2019, Dongguan MagicRay Opening Appreciation Banquet was held in Dongguan Yuelai Garden Hotel. MagicRay sales team and customers, agents and people from the same industry share the growth of MagicRay all together.

The Hearts get together to build the dream and climb to peak. This banquet is grateful to all customers, agents and experts for their support. It is also a look back on MagicRay's effort, an expectation of Dongguan MagicRay to reach the peak in the future.

On the day of the banquet, the guests first visited Dongguan MagicRay Company, and the  were full of praise for our spacious and bright office area, well-organized product display area and advanced and clean production area. Dongguan MagicRay integrates production, sales and service of, designed to provide customers with better products and service experience.The guests also send their blessings to the development MagicRay and Dongguan MagicRay.

After visit, the guests and our staff went to Yuelai Garden Hoter to attend the Appreciation Banquet. After the opening of the banquet, Mr. Zhixiao Zhang, general manager of Dongguan MagicRay, delivered a speech for us. He said that the development of the company's business is inseparable from the support of peers, then he introduced the further planning and direction of MagicRay and Dongguan MagicRay. He believe that Dongguan MagicRay will have a great prospect in everyone's effort.

Then, Engineer Ou Junyu introduce the core technologies and advantages of MagicRay's products, design of quality improvement and the smart factory plan, and he prepare five questions for this speech, the guests who answered the question can get a gift. Everyone is enthusiastic, they are all listening to the engineer's speech and actively answered questions. In the detailed explanation of our engineer, the guests have a better understanding of the powerful functions of MagicRay's products.

The following was the wonderful performances. First of all, five girls full of classical charm performed the dance, light movements and beautiful dress made everyone losing in the dance.Next is the magic show brought by Chief Huang of Huayan Technology, the excellent variations are too much for the eyes to take in. In the end, MagicRay annual meeting winning program "Dance Combination", passionate dance, old music and beautiful young girls brought everyone back to the youth age which full of dreams and passions.

In the period of each performance, there are three awards for lucky draw. The sales director, the head of overseas sales, and the general manager of Dongguan MagicRay respectively gave the winners of the third, second and first prizes. With the reading of the names, everyone cheered and the face of winners also full of joy. Everyone's mood is happy, whether or not they won prizes.

Since the establishment of MagicRay, we have been adhering to the core values of achieving customers, integrity, excellence, continuous innovation, caring for employees. The market is changing rapidly, but the original intention of MagicRay is constant. This banquet is a witness to the development of MagicRay in the past, and we hope that customers, agents and peers can continue to support the growth of Dongguan MagicRay. In the future, MagicRay will word effort together with them, to achieve the dream and reach the peak.