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[New starting point, new journey] Dongguan MagicRay opening ceremony and annual celebration party
January 11th,2019 is a memorable day. The opening ceremony of Dongguan MagicRay was held in the morning. As the MagicRay subsidiary, Dongguan MagicRay is the further effort of MagicRay to build a more professional,efficient and powerful sales,service and manufacturing team,is also the protection against the future industry challenge,which provide more confidence to our company.

Dongguan MagicRay is located on the 6th floor of Building A1,Songhu Zhigu,Liaobu Town,Dongguan City, with an office area of 3,900 square meters.On the opening ceremony, the guests first visited Dongguan MagicRay company,then they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a luncheon.

At the luncheon ,MagicRay employees and all the guests, customers, investors, suppliers, agents and friends of various industries gathered together to share the joy celebrating.

At the beginning of the luncheon,the chairman of MagicRay, Mr. Ji, delivered a speech to us. Mr Ji first summarized the achievements and problems in 2018, then elaborated on the development of MagicRay products, regional planning, construction of corporate culture and the basic principles of MagicRay. Finally, he put forward his expectation for the future development of MagicRay.

The following is the introduction of the corporate culture, development process, work team, customers, service network, products, etc., which was given by Mr. Zhixiao Zhang, the general manager of Dongguan MagicRay, and he also clarified the company’s future development direction and goals.After that, the customer representative, Wilson of Jabil, gave great recognition to MagicRay’s products and services, and expressed sincere wishes for the development of MagicRay.

After the awarding of company’s outstanding employees, MagicRay 2019 annual celebration party began.

This annual celebration party was very brilliant, the first program was performed by the R&D department. They brought the sign language dance “Grateful Heart”, the touching music and infectious sign language made the scene quiet and the audience was immersed.Next is the dance performance of four beautiful girls of MagicRay. The energetic dance was accompanied by three memorable songs, the audience applauded for a long time to this show.The final performance was the theme songs of Jin Yong TV series which was performed by MagicRay East China office. Listening to the old songs with the old pictures which record the development and the steps of MagicRay displaying on the electronic screen, the colleagues and guests are all moved, and everyone applauded and cheered in the process.

In the party, the most lively process is the awarding. The scene is full of cheers and joy. The desire of winning prize, the joy and excitement of winning, the envy and blessing of winners, the three moods are intertwined, and everyone’s laughter and shouting are all over the space.

Through the challenging 2018, MagicRay has become more powerful. 2019 will receive more opportunities, we are full of confidence.This opening ceremony and annual celebration party are the joy, the celebration, the praise, the blessing, and the starting point for us to open a new chapter in 2019.The MagicRay staff worked together and hard to bring the extraordinary achievements to MagicRay, and we believe that MagicRay will be even better in the future.