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New Starting Point, New Prospect:MagicRay Wuhan Office Was Established
On December 21, 2018, the opening ceremony of MagicRay Wuhan office was held. MagicRay Wuhan office focuses on grasping the opportunities of electronics-related industries in Central China, and the office will contribute to the development of MagicRay,in addition, bring the better service experience to customers.

In recent years, MagicRay has made great progress. With the continuous growth of businesses in different regions, setting up new office is extremely urgent.In order to meet the needs of the company’s development and the planning of sales and service in Central China, MagicRay plans and successfully established Wuhan office. This is not only the need for the company to promote market development, but also a new starting point for the development of MagicRay in Central China.

MagicRay Wuhan office is located at 808A room, Building 6 of Guanggu international headquarters. On the opening ceremony, the guests first visited the office, then attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the luncheon. MagicRay CEO and General Sales Manager gave a welcome speech at the scene and put forward the development expectations for Wuhan office.

The establishment of MagicRay Wuhan office is an important development strategic for the business promotion in Central China. It can provide customers with convenient and powerful visual inspection equipment, and faster and more considerate after-sales service.In the future,MagicRay will further improve sales and service network throughout the country,and bring our products to the market and service to the customers better.