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A Journey of Happiness——Remember MagicRay 2018 Activities
In 2018,MagicRay took a firm step toward the goal,faced more challenges.Also,more talent has joined the company to contribute to the development of Magic Ray.In order to enrich the employees’ spare time and strengthen the connection between colleagues,MagicRay launched collective activities in Huizhou and Dongguan.

Part 1
With the bright sunshine and flying mood,MagicRay family arrived at SnowWorld.The summer shirts changed to cotton coat,the season changed from summer to winter,we enjoyed the snow scene and playing games,put themselves into pure happiness.In the afternoon,we came to Leigong Canyon to raft.Rafting in the group of two,we rushed down or drifted along the river,feeling the beauty and stimulation.It was dark after rafting,and we live in Nan Kunshan Garden,relaxing in the hot springs,feeling stimulation in the water park,and releasing ourselves in the board game...

part 2
In the warm air with moisture,MagicRay family came to Songshan Lake Park to participate the activities,feeling the interest of team work.The first thing to greet everyone was the game.Everyone was gradually immersed in the in the activities in the fun of competition and punishment.These activities had “drum ball”which meant pulling the ropes connecting the drum to control the drum up and down to juggle the ball;”Untie the hand chain”and”drilling the cave”which needed everyone’s effort and intelligence;”passionate beat”which shouted momentum and confidence;and the “dragon walk” which meant eyes closed with hand in hand to cross the barrier.After these activities,we had picnic in the park with the making fire,handling of raw ingredients and finally creating dishes by ourselves,and we taste the hard-made food eventually...

Through these outings,the company members learned the importance of cooperation and communication from the games,also gained joy,felt the essence of responsibility,unity and trust.Finally ,i would like to say”you have worked hard!”to colleagues who are busy on business trips and overtime,and look forward to the next journey.