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【MagicRay Lecture Tour】CEIA Forum·Suzhou
On November 29th,CEIA Forum·Suzhou was held in Hanjue Hotel.MagicRay participated in this forum and the MagicRay's engineer Ou Junyu delivered a keynote speech "Quality and Process Improvement and Intelligent Factory solution"which introduces MagicRay's product advantages and technological innovations,MagicRay's engineers and sales representatives also answered the questions of MagicRay's product and technology from the visitor,showing them the pursuit of quality.

CEIA Forum·Suzhou,with the theme of "Precision and Intelligence,High Reliability,Technology Discussion",invited the experts of electronics manufacturing industry to explain their ideas and technologies to the participants.MagicRay's speech introduced the development history and trends of AOI,current application difficulties about AOI,the concept and vision of intelligent factory,ect,and we launched the solutions and related products according to the difficulties of AOI application.

MagicRay's mainly launched product in this forum is inline 3D AOI,it adopts granite platform + casting beam + linear module to ensure high stability ;multi-angle programmable Moire stripe light can effectively solve the shadow blind spots;original flatness test algorithm can eliminate the false call due to the high variation caused by the different batch of incoming material;combination between 2D and 3D,solve the problem of 2D limitation meanwhile make up the weakness of 3D,achieving the ideal effect of solder joint detection.

MagicRay is a high-tech company focuses on research and development,production,sales and service of automatic visual inspection systems,has own independent intellectual property rights in its core technology and industry innovations in hardware and software.During the forum,MagicRay presented the strength in the professionalism of visual inspection field,shows the audience the core technology and attracted the attention of many participants.

In this forum,MagicRay is very honored to communicate with peers about hot issues.MagicRay will continue to provide customers with the simple and powerful visual inspection systems,and strive to become a world-class visual inspection supplier.