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MagicRay Lecture Tour:CSPT·Hefei
November 20th and 21st,CPST was held at Fengda International Hotel in Hefei.This meet focused on the hot issues of semiconductor packaging and testing technology,inviting the experts of this industry to discuss the direction of development about semiconductor industry.MagicRay technology attended the annual meeting and brought audiences the keynote speech of “Die and Wire Bond Automated Visual Inspection”.

In this speech,Jiang Yang,the sales manager of MagicRay,introduced MagicRay’s latest product —— Die and wire bond automated visual inspection.This equipment use the principle of three-color light reflection,and it has the characteristics of high speed,high precision and high inspection coverage,suitable for detection of two sites after semiconductor package D/B and W/B.

For the current semiconductor testing difficulties,MagicRay developed the own unique algorithms to solve them.In the process of semiconductor package test,the wire bond swing will lead to increase of false positives and difficulties of line angle test.MagicRay use the pendulum position technology to create wire bond detection window automatically in the second solder joint corresponding to the first solder joint,locating the actual position of wire bond .This technology can measure the wire bond angle accurately,also can avoid a large number of false positives caused by the line deviation in the acceptable range.

In addition,MagicRay’s positioning technology on solder pad and wire bond,edge positioning technology,relative position measurement technology and single out technology can provide solution to problems such as false positives caused by difficulties of die bond detection,Die position and angle detection,dirt and chipping defects detection of Die.

In this annual meeting,MagicRay communicate deeply with the peers of semiconductor package field,and our high quality product attracted the attention of many participants.MagicRay will provide customers the visual inspection system which is easy to operate and powerful,focusing to become a world-class visual inspection solution supplier.