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MagicRay attended MATELEC INDUSTRY SHOW 2018 at Spain
From Nov. 13th-16th , the International Trade Show for Industrial Technology and Smart Factory Exhibition (MATELEC INDUSTRY 2018) was held in Madrid, Spain. MATELEC INDUSTRY 2018, one of the most important exhibitions in Spain, enjoys a high reputation in international exhibitions and has a great influence on the development of industrial technology and intelligent factories. MagicRay attended this exhibition showing the one of our company's star products -- online AOI machine V5000H.

V5000 series online AOI is suitable for post-reflow and pre-reflow on-line automatic inspection. In terms of hardware, V5000H uses granite platform, which greatly improve machine precision and stability. The application of programmable RGB+W LED lighting source and telecentric lens with constant magnification and low distortion response to high component.

At the exhibition site, our engineers focused on explaining the advantages of MagicRay's inspection technology and equipment, and shared the solution on how to improve detection and reduce false call in response to various adverse situations encountered by customers during the production process. Some customers brought their board and tested by our engineers on site. The testing results fully met the quality requirements of the customers and won the praise of the audience.

As a well-known brand in SMT industry, under the trend of continuous penetration of intellectualization, MagicRay are committed to technological innovation, and have made great efforts to realize automation, improve product quality and improve process of many manufacturing customers. We will always provide our customers with a high detection and low false-call, simple and powerful visual inspection system, and strive to become a world-class visual inspection supplier.