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MagicRay star product display and lecture tour:NEPCON·Chengdu
From Nov. 7 to Nov. 9, Chengdu NEPCON, which lasted for three days, was successfully held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center of new Century City. One of the star products of Magic Ray, Double-Side Inspection AOI-V5300, was presented at the venue to show our technological innovation and product advantages. Magic Ray’s Engineer Junyu Ou also gave a keynote speech on "Quality Improvement and Process Improvement and Intelligent Factory Scheme" for guests and participants, interacting with colleagues and promoting industry exchanges.

What advantages does Magic Ray’ s Double-Side Inspection AOI have in testing clearance? What is the testing process for multiple pieces and solder ball? What is the solution to the icicle? Magic Ray’s engineer answer these questions one by one, which made the audience having a deeper understanding of the products and technology of Magic Ray.

Double-sided inspection AOI-V5300’s double-sided camera synchronizes The X-Y movement, asynchronous acquire the image. Performing the inspection on both sides simultaneously, and the light source does not interfere with each other saves a lot of time and space costs. Moreover, it has a unique positioning technology and solder joint detection technology, which can be used for final inspection after ICT and FT, attracting many participants stop to watch and consult.

Chengdu NEPCON is an important platform for the exchange of electronic information industry in southwest China. Magic Ray is honored to be invited to participate and share experience with colleagues. We will provide our customers with a simple and powerful visual inspection system, and strive to become a world-class visual inspection supplier.