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MagicRay Lecture Tour:SbSTC·Hangzhou
On November 2nd,SbSTC Seminar was held at Longhu Crown Holiday inn,Hangzhou.In this day,the peers of SMT industry shared their experience and views with us around the theme of“Intelligent Manufacturing and Reliability Improvement Solution”.The venue was in a lively atmosphere,and Magic Ray,as one of the leading companies of production and R&D field of AOI in China,delivered a speech about”Quality and process improvement and intelligent factory Scheme”.

As a technology exchange platform of SMT industry,SbSTC Seminar focuses on showing the latest technology and development of electronics manufacturing.Nowadays,the detection process technology faces more and more challenges.And for the problems of SMT industry,Junyu Ou,the engineer of Magic Ray,display the related technology and product innovation of Magic Ray to the participants,exploring the application difficulties and new technologies of AOI with them.

The deformation of PCB after reflow will cause high false call and side leakage. Magic Ray’s intelligent solder pad position technology can effectively reduce false call and improve detection rate.

Three-point check solution is to connect three process equipment: SPI, pre-reflow AOI and post-reflow AOI and synchronize the data, so that it is easier to find the root cause of the problem and improve the process effectively.

Magic Ray always concentrates on the research, manufacturing, sales and service of the automatic optical inspection system. As the leader of SMT industry, Magic Ray aims to improve the process, bring technological innovation to the electronic manufacturing industry and promote the development of electronic intelligent manufacturing. We will provide our customers with a simple and powerful visual inspection system, and strive to become a world-class visual inspection supplier.