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[MagicRay NEPCON South China] More Communication, Full Harvest
From August 28 to 30, 2018, the 24th NEPCON South China 2018 was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. NEPCON South China 2018 is based in the core area of South China's electronics manufacturing industry. It is one of the exhibitions with a long history and large scale from SMT surface mounting, electronics manufacturing automation equipment to printed circuit boards. MagicRay participated in this exhibition with showing brand-new 3D AOI, 3D SPI, semiconductor AOI and a series of long-established trump products.

In this exhibition, MagicRay launched a new 3D AOI, 3D SPI, semiconductor AOI, high cost-effective pre-flow online AOI which attracting a large number of customers to the scene. Our technicians explained the detection technology and advantages intently, and shared how to improve detection and reduce errors for customers encountered in the production process of various adverse situations. The scene is very spectacular.

In the future, this world will be an artificial intelligence world. It is an inevitable trend for machines to reduce or even replace the artificial. As an essential visual inspection equipment in the electronic manufacturing industry, it should also follow the trend. To this end,  base on the mature 2D AOI, MagicRay continue to improve 3D technology and make up for the blind spot of 2D AOI detection which reduce the dependence on manual for the detection of defects like high floating components. At the same time, MagicRay have launched a new generation of X intelligent version of AOI, greatly reducing the difficulty of programming as you can complete the programming with a few short steps. MagicRay also launched the unmanned intelligent factory program to achieve data exchange between machines which can better improve production efficiency.

In order to respond to customer more quickly, no matter whether the customer is at home or abroad, no matter how far away, through the MagicRay’ s remote service center, we can achieve rapid response to customer’ s service requirements within an hour. At this exhibition, MagicRay also showed this technology well to customers.

Through this exhibition, MagicRay can establish and maintain customer relationship with a more convenient and efficient way, obtain sales leads, promote new products, establish corporate brand image and further enhance market competition advantages. MagicRay harvest full.