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[MagicRay Seminar Tour] CEIA China electronic intellectual forums 「Guiyang」

In July 26, 2018, the twenty-fourth CEIA China Electronic wit series forum was held in Guiyang Grand Skylight International Hotel. With the theme of "precision manufacturing and high reliability technology", the experts gathered around to discuss industrial 4.0 and electronic intelligence manufacturing. As the industry leader in the field of visual inspection, MagicRay was invited to participate in the event and shared the solutions provided by AOI for quality improvement and technological improvement in manufacturing.

It is very urgent to study how to improve the quality of manufacturing as we focus on the high and reliable requirements of industrial electronics, military electronics, automotive electronics, power system control, high end communication and the continuous development of intelligent terminals. As a leader in the field of visual industry, based on years of experience and research, MagicRay starting from the point of view of AOI and put forward the solution of quality improvement and process improvement.

First of all, with the beginning of the development of AOI, this speech analyzed the problems and challenges that manufacturing industry detection facing today, and with the rapid development of industrial intelligence at present, how can MagicRay adapt to the situation and seize the opportunity to contribute to the quality improvement and process improvement in manufacturing industry.

In the future, this world will be an artificial intelligence world. Everything is based on the precise control of the data and most of the manual labor and mental labor of the human being will be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence. Based on this, MagicRay AOI early realized the three points check solution: SMT line SPI, pre-reflow AOI, post-reflow AOI. This three sites of the machine interconnection realizing the machine dialogue which will be more accurate to find the root of the problem, improve the process effectively and improve the quality of products. Besides, in order to realize artificial intelligence,  MagicRay  also closely follow the technology trend and continuously upgrade Software performance to make programming more intelligent, detection data are integrated control, production line automation is more high.  In order to improve the quality of manufacturing products, prevent bad inflow to terminal customers, MagicRay developed a 3D AOI which greatly improved the coverage of bad detection.

As a well-known brand in the SMT industry, MagicRay are committed to technological innovation in the trend of the continuous infiltration of intelligence. It has made great efforts for many manufacturing customers to realize automation, improve product quality and process. We will always provide high detection, low misinformation, easy to use and powerful visual inspection system for the whole manufacturing industry and become a leading supplier of world-class visual inspection solutions.

In August 28th - 30th, MagicRay will participate in Nepcon South China 2018 "Shenzhen", booth No.: 1f35, sincerely invites you to visit.