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MagicRay attend SbSTC step by step new technology conference 「Dongguan」
In July 13, 2018, SbSTC step by step New Technology Conference 「Dongguan」 was held at the Wanda Wenhua hotel in Dongguan. It provides a comprehensive solution for intelligent manufacturing enterprises around the two main themes of “intelligent factory solutions” and “improvement of straight-through ratio and process”, and focaus on the advanced equipment and materials, and deeply discussing  basic techniques of welding, printing, dispensing, testing and cleaning. As the industry leader in the field of visual inspection, MagicRay was invited to participate in the event and made a keynote speech: Quality Improvement and Process Improvement and Intelligent Factory Solutions.

How to reduce manufacturing costs and launch products faster? How to meet the higher accuracy and reliability requirements of manufacturers of electronic products? How to ensure the electronic manufacturing process more environmentally friendly? In view of the current situation of the development of electronic manufacturing industry in Dongguan and the difficulties in the application of AOI, MagicRay elaborated a series of related technical research and innovation in the aspects of hardware and software to meet the intelligent demand of electronic manufacturing in the aspects of hardware and software.

MagicRay always concentrate on the research, manufacturing, sales and service of the automatic optical inspection system and commit to promoting the upgrading and development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry. As a well-known SMT line inspection equipment supplier in China, MagicRay will provide customers with simple, powerful and high quality visual inspection system as always, so as to improve the quality of the service industry and grow into a world-class visual inspection supplier.

MagicRay’s actives arrangement:

July 26th: CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum "Guiyang"

August 28th-30th, NEPCON South China 2018「Shenzhen」,Booth: 1F35