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The production of global EMS companies is usually international, and their factories are spread all over the world, their customers are also well-known and leaders in various industries. They value the manufacturing quality and process level very much.Therefore,the expectation of AOI used in the production line is high.Its performance requires a strong manageable component library to ensure consistency of production among different factories;with effective process analysis tools,on the one hand can help the factories improve the productive technology,increase the pass rate,on the other hand,it can provide the more convenient data reports to help the communication between the factory and the customer.

MagicRay AOI can provide default component library,including the inspection window,color,standard and other parameters,which can be called directly by the user or adjusted simply after the call.Meanwhile,MagicRay AOI has a powerful analysis function software Magic-Analyzer,which can provide real-time process analysis data,generate reports automatically,and also can be chosen to equip with SPC function of Web version to achieve global monitoring of production status.In addition,MagicRay provide remote programming solution,users can finish the programming only by scanning the pictures and transferring it to the remote offline programming computer,and then the AOI data can integrate into the user’s ERP system.