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Mobile electronic devices are increasingly miniaturized and function diversified.For the manufacturing industry,electronic components are also required to be more miniaturized and diversified,including using of 01005,03015 and fine pith IC,micro connector,USB sockets,headphone holder,high-density assembly FPC.

Once the mobile electronic device is finalized,it has to be quickly introduced to the market in large quantities,so the requirements of speed and efficiency of production line are higher.Inspection of MagicRay AOI can meet the produced need of high precision,high speed,diverse and high-density mobile electronic devices.MagicRay AOI has the powerful intelligent positioning technology and powerful inspection technology,can effectively meet the high precision,high density inspection requirements.With more than 20 types basic algorithms and flexible logic design,it can provide the strongest inspection coverage to meet diverse inspection requirements.

MagicRay AOI has high-pixel imported industrial cameras to ensure high speed and high definition image acquisition;granite platform and frame improve the stability of machines;The advanced software parallel processing technology ensures the high efficiency of image processing.Therefore,MagicRay can meet various inspection requirements well..The powerful accurate analysis algorithms ensure the correct inspection and greatly reduce the false call to improve the passing rate of production line,thus can improve the production efficiency.