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Detection methods of small and medium size EMS companies are usually not complete,there is not ICT,even functional test.After PCB assembling,the boards will be detected by AOI inspection or manual visual inspection then directly delivered to the customers.If the defect rate is too high,it will affect the company’s reputation and subsequent orders.Therefore,the inspection capability of AOI is especially important for these companies.What’s more,the production modes of small and medium size EMS companies are low-volume and multi-variety, the programming workload is heavy. Due to the consideration about cost,AOI programming requirements are simple and convenient,and the level of programmer should not be high.

MagicRay’s design goal is pursuiting more excellent inspection capability.MagicRay’s AOI has powerful algorithm,precise positioning and excellent hardware structure to ensure the strong inspection capability.It can provide the default component library,including inspection window,color,standard and other parameters.which can be called directly by the user or adjusted simply after the call.In addition,MagicRay’s AOI can adjust PCB correctly after loading CAD,these capabilities are the foundation of simple programming, stable test and convenient maintenance to MagicRay’s AOI.