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MagicRay Inline 3D SPI VSP3000
■ For solder paste inspection after SMT printing
■ Dual projection contributes to provide the 3D information of the solder paste
■ High speed industrial camera can meet the needs of high output of the production line
■ A variety of ways to determine th

■ Optical Imaging Principle 
● By means of phase shift projection, the information of the height of the object with diffuse reflection can be well restored.

■ Core Technology and Advantages 

● Easy and Fast Programming
Programming wizard makes it easy to operate and quick to get started.

● Automatic Zero Reference Point Technology
The zero reference point is generated automatically which able to shorten the programming time.
● Color Filtration Technology
Can effectively overcome the" icicle" phenomenon caused by zero reference misalignment and solder paste overflow after the PCB warpage.

● Cross Section Analysis Function
Contibute flexibly to analysis the shape of solde paste.

● High Map Cross Section Algorithm
Can effectively detect the" icicle" of the solder paste.

● Detection for Broken Solder
Adopting the algorithm of maximum cross section enclosed to effectively detect the bad situation of broken solder.

Automatic export of detection data can be customized.
Rich data charts can meet the requirements of on-sitequality tracking and quality analysis.