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MagicRay Sales Summary Held Successfully
2017 sales summary conference was held in beautiful Nanao,Shenzhen on 12th January  2018. General sales manager Mr.Zhang Zhixiao presided over the meeting. Chief Executive Officer of the Magic-ray Mr.Ji yunjing. Sales Vice manager Mr.He lixin and Miss. Wang Dandan, Sales Director Mr.Tao Jin, regional sales and service leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr.Ji Yunjing carried out a concise summary of the company's work in 2017. "Except the standard SMT program, the company has also introduced wave peak welding in the form of a downstroke and double-side lighting." The company's 3D AOI and chip-encapsulated AOI received further customer approval in 2017. In the new year. The listing of the company's new products will continue to contribute more to sales revenue, "Ji said.He pointed out the key and difficulties in developing the AOI business,saying that difficulties are good things, difficulties are the barriers.We have done well.if others don't overcome it well,it became our competitive edge."Sales is a very challenging job. In the process of doing this job, there will be bitter failures and hardships of struggle. There will also be the joy of success. Looking back at this business conference, I am most gratified that some of young people have grown up, have ideas, enthusiasm, and ability. "Ji said later.
Mr.Zhang Zhixiao then analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the current AOI market,and gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "how to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges in each sales area". Mr.Zhang expressed full affirmation to all sales staff of work together, and the management staff of seriously responsible as well as solid work in the past year."The overall performance of the company has a great improvement compared with last year.I hope that the regional sales staff in the new year continue to make good performance and has an explosion growth.The service team will turn the pressure into driving force,continuing to maintain customer satisfaction,and improving the service of Magic-ray in 2018 by the strengthening of the service system construction".

At the meeting, Sales Vice Manager of overseas Mr.He, Sales Vice Manager of East China Miss.Wang. The Sales Director of the western region, Mr.Tao,and the sales and service leaders of the western region reported respectively a thorough and meticulous exposition on the theme of "performance report for 2017 and the work plan for 2018". The outstanding achievements of each region made collectives a round of applause sound.
The conference also awarded awards to the outstanding collectives, employees and newcomers who made outstanding contributions in their business work in 2017. The award-winning colleagues said that in the new year,they should base themselves on their position.They will continue to work hard and create better results.

After the meeting and team building activities, collectives toured the famous beautiful Yangmeikeng spots,Shenzhen. The emerged rugged mountain scenery time to time is beautiful and make collectives to wonder. It also indicates that Magic-ray will gain more brilliant achievements in 2018 through the efforts of the team.