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MagicRay Attend Step-by-Step Technical Conference [Dongguan]
       Step-by-Step Technical Conference---Dongguan station was held at Dongguan WANDA Hotel on 14th July, 2017. Centering on two hot topic“smart factory and advanced electronic manufacturing process” and “discussion on PCBA process depth”, we discussed about the industry advanced welding material, printing process and blind area, welding blind spots and misconceptions, dispensing technology, the world's advanced inspection technology, cleaning process and requirements and so on, then we also discussed how to consolidate the foundation in the tough economic environment, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, and accelerate the upgrading of the whole industry chain of smart factories.. MagicRay as the industry leader in visual inspection field, was invited to participate in this event.

       MagicRay focused on automatic optical inspection system of research, production and sales, attaches great importance to the communication with the industry technology, is committed to promoting the electronic smart upgrade and development of manufacturing industry. During this seminar MagicRay sales manager Xuhao took "improve quality and process improvement" as the theme, showed MagicRay AOI technology research and innovation to meet the demand of electronics manufacturing intelligent. Such as three points checking, equipment interconnection technology, AOI automatic extraction algorithm, feature analysis algorithm, programming simplification, etc. Which can reduce programming time and improve detection.

       SbSTC is a technical communication platforms designed for upstream suppliers and electronics manufacturers, which is helpful for the related industry to understand the development trend of electronic automation and to explore advanced electronic manufacturing solutions. As a well-known supplier of SMT production line testing equipment, MagicRay will continue to adhere to the core values of "integrity, service and excellence". to provide customers with simple and easy to use, powerful and high-quality visual inspection system, thus improving the quality level of the service industry, and growing into a world-class visual inspection program supplier.