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MagicRay attend the 15th China Semiconductor Packaging Testing Technology and Market Annual Meeting
       From June 22th to 23th, the 15th China semiconductor packaging and testing technology and market annual conference was grand opened at WYNDHAM GRAND PLAZA ROYME CHANGSHENG JIANGYIN, which is the unique and most influential professional seminar in China covering the entire semiconductor industry. With the theme "integration innovation, intelligent manufacturing, integration and sharing", this seminar discussed advanced packaging, system-level packaging, packaging materials and processes, packaging manufacturing technology and equipment and other hot issues in the industry. This meeting attracted more than 900 industry elite representatives from nearly 400 organizations around the world. As the industry leader in visual inspection field, MagicRay was invited to participate in this event.

Mr. Zhang TaoJun, vice president of MagicRay, gave a speech on the theme of "Die and Wire Bond Automated Visual Inspection"

       With advanced automatic optical detection technology, MagicRay provides high speed, high precision and high inspection coverage equipments for the majority of customers to inspect Die Bond and Wire Bond defects in semiconductor packaging field. MagicRay S1000 inspection device can connect Wire Bonders for online detection, and also can be used for offline inspection of multiple Wire Bonders; With automatic storage on the feed / cutting machine optional and can be used offline operation; Real time offline programming and engineers able to complete the program remotely at any place, making real-time debugging without stopping production line; Lifecycle software upgrade free of charge. During the speech, Zhang Tao Jun explained the equipment principle and five core technologies in detail: Solder pad intelligent position technology; Bond ball search technology; Surge highlights technology; Area, penetration and contour technology, which won a big round of applause from the audience.

       Through this seminar, it deepened the exchange of MagicRay with users and professionals in semiconductor area, maintained customer relationships in a very convenient and efficient way, gained clues, promoted new products, established corporate brand image and further enhanced market competitive advantage. MagicRay will, as always, uphold the core values "integrity-based, Customer first, keeping excellence”, and provide customers with easy to use, powerful, high-quality visual inspection system. Thereby improving the quality of our service and become the world-class visual inspection solution supplier.