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MagicRay Attend Nepcon China 2017 with 3D AOI
       The twenty-seventh session Nepcon China 2017 was held in Shanghai Expo Exhibition Hall from 25th Apr to 27th Apr 2017. NEPCON China is one of prestigious professional exhibition of displaying SMT and “Electronic manufacturing automation” equipment and technology. 

       Recent years, MagicRay as a well-known supplier of AOI equipment manufacturers and SMT solutions, keeping close cooperation with NEPCON official, displaying our new products and technologies on this platform every year. MagicRay bring high-quality electronic manufacturing experience to the audiences by strong logical algorithm (High coverage rate), precise hardware structure (High speed and high precision), stable inspection function and dedicated technical explanation, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign audience, especially MagicRay 3D AOI.

• Inline 3D AOI TD7000
       With fine-new design concept and algorithm logic, multi-angle structure light, rich algorithm combination, MagicRay 3D AOI can deal with any defects with self-defined algorithm logic to meet the highest inspection coverage rate in SMT industry.MagicRay 3D AOI can deal with high component, able to precisely inspect the height of climbing solder, IC lifted lead,  component raising, scratch/damage and the other common defects. 

• Inline AOI V5000 Series
This series products are always MagicRay popular machines, with single and double lane for option, can be used for post-reflow, pre-reflow and paste inline inspection. With large depth of field and low distortion telecentric lens, able to deal with 03015 & odd shape components inspection, as well flexible board inspection. Using marble as basic platform, greatly improve machine stability and mechanical precision, and ensure the high detection.

• Offline AOI V8 Series
Used for post-reflow and wave soldering offline inspection, with strong logical algorithm and automatic bending compensation function, MagicRay offline AOI can well deal with odd shape components and flexible board inspection.

• Big FOV inline AOI VS300
       For post wave soldering, pre-wave soldering components inline inspection. With 14m pixels color industrial camera, only acquiring one image to cover whole board inspection With big FOV. VS300 high speed, easy programming attracted many customers.

• Inverted Camera Inline AOI V3100
       For solder joints inspection of PTH components. The camera was installed at the bottom of lane, able to inspect odd shape component and flexible PCB. Equipped with RGBW ring shape LED light source; offline programming and debugging in real time without stopping production line, equipped with algorithms for PTH and SMD defects inspection.

       Through this exhibition, it deepened the exchange of MagicRay with AOI users and professionals, maintain customer relationships in a very convenient and efficient way, gain clues, promote new products, establish corporate brand image and further enhance market competitive advantage. MagicRay will, as always, uphold the core values "integrity-based, Customer first, keeping excellence”, and provide customers with easy to use, powerful, high-quality visual inspection system. Thereby improving the quality of our service and become the world-class visual inspection solution supplier.