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MagicRay attend SbSTC step by step new technology conference 「Wuhan」
On June 29, 2018, SbSTC step-by-step new technology conference 「Wuhan」 was held at the Holland Hotel in Wuhan. As the industry leader in the field of visual inspection, MagicRay was invited to participate in the event and made a keynote speech: Quality Improvement and Process Improvement Solutions.

In recent years, the development of electronic manufacturing industry in Wuhan has developed rapidly. As many well-known enterprises are planning to invest and build factories in Wuhan, the grand blueprint of Wuhan's "big intelligence" industrial gathering area is just around the corner. However, the manufacture of electronic products is challenging and competitive. In addition to reducing manufacturing costs and introducing new products to the market faster, Chinese electronics manufacturers will face new requirements: their production lines must meet higher precision, better reliability and more functionality - in fact, their entire production process needs to meet more stringent environmental policies at the same time. Therefore, Magic-Ray, always commitment to promote the upgrading and development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry, has made a series of related technical research and innovation to meet the intelligent demand of electronic manufacturing.

Automatic color extraction——making programming easy and reducing the reliance on engineers.
The system directly analyzes the chroma and brightness of the selected object, and accurately extracts the color of the selected object without human intervention.

Simplified programming——solder pad automatic generation
With light boards and mounted PCBs, all inspection windows can be automatically generated. After scanning into the PCB&PCBA image, all detection windows are automatically generated. The programming is simple and quick and does not depend on the level of the engineer.

Three-point analytic software——from the discovery of the problem to the implementation of the countermeasures, there is no need to rely on the skill level of the engineer and no judgment bias.
Magic-Ray three points check solution and equipment interconnection technology. The equipment interconnection technology of Magic-Ray, such as SMT line SPI, pre-reflow AOI, post-reflow AOI. This three sites of the machine interconnection make it easier to find the root cause of the problem, effectively improving the process and improving the product quality.

The technology improvement of the automatic color extraction algorithm, feature analysis algorithm, programming simplification and so on, can effectively save time and improve the detection rate in AOI programming.

Magic-Ray always concentrate on the research, manufacturing, sales and service of the automatic optical inspection system and commit to promoting the upgrading and development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry. MagicRay will uphold the core values of “Honesty Comes First, Customer Service: First and Foremost, Strive for The Excellence”to continue the quest for “Innovation and Quality” and become an industry leading world-class optical inspection solution supplier by utilizing our wisdom and efforts to redefine the meaning of “Vision and Intelligence” for the world. 

Magic-Ray’s actives arrangement:
July 4-7, Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Material Exhibition, Booth No: W5-AE10
July 13th: SbSTC step by step new technology seminar "Dongguan"
July 26th: CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum "Guiyang"